And Britain's new video satellite

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Best Wishes for 2018

HMB Review of the Year

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NHS to hire Nurses from India and Philippines

5,500 Nurses to help plug the chronic shortages 

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Facing the Ravan within

Diwali Special: Fighting Good over Evil

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Beyond Remembrance

Never to be forgotten - The Marigold

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Shashi Kapoor

Connecting Western and Indian audiences

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Meet the Six Indian Women

In Forbes Top 100 Most Powerful Women List

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The people and stories that made news

The People and Stories that made the News


Prime Minister Teresa May’s Cabinet reshuffle has resulted in some notable Indian origin individuals. Newcomers include Rishi Sunak. Shailesh Vara comes back to the Cabinet and Alok Sharma continues his ministerial life. Goan Seulla Fernandes, of British and Mauritian origin, also gets her first Ministerial break.


  • Padmavati Controversy Padmavati Controversy

    Bollywood film Padmavati is causing controversy in India and there is a campaign to ban it from British cinemas. The protest is over the belief that the film insults  a14th- century Hindu Queen Padmini who immolates herself rather than fall prisoner to a conquering Muslim ruler. 

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  • Review 2017 'Review 2017'

    The year 2017 has been a turbulent year with a daily dose of Brexit and the surprise results of the General Elections. The Hindu community has made inroads in whatever part of the globe they have settled. Indians in the UK are progressing in all areas of public life. 

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  • WW1 Indian soldiers laid to rest 'WW1 Indian soldiers laid to rest'

    More than a year ago an excavation in Richebourg village, 143 miles from Paris led to two human remains from WW1 being discovered. On subsequent analysis, the remains were identified as casualties of an Indian regiment of the 39th Royal Garhwal Rifles. 

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Golden Tours Foundation

  • Hope for the future generations Hope for the future generations

    The Golden Tours Foundation is a charitable organization offering life-changing opportunities for young people to help fulfil their aspirations. The Foundation’s ethos is to secure opportunities for the future generations by working for and with them. 

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  • Commemorating Indian Soldiers 'Commemorating Indian Soldiers '

    The Indian contribution during World War 1 was considerable, but much of the story is missing from the public domain. India provided the largest voluntary force ever assembled in history with around 1.5 million recruits of which around 70,000 lost their lives. 

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History Visited

  • Seeing the full picture 'Seeing the full picture'

    For reasons of politics, ignorance or purely due to the lack of information, many words are written in the name of history which through time needs re-examing and in some cases requires further work or research to check for the full facts and understanding. 

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