Crematoria Review: Get your voice heard! Government is carrying out a review of crematoria provision and facilities. The review is being carried out in response to concerns about the capacity of crematoria, in particular to accommodate Hindu and Sikh cremations at which traditionally larger numbers of mourners wish to attend. In addition, there have been concerns that crematoria do not always pay sufficient regard to the cultural sensitivities of different faiths.
It is critical that the Hindu and Sikh communities have access to proper facilities such as large public spaces, cleaning & washing, space for deities and storage. The Hindu community is not necessarily asking for specific crematoria for its own community, but being more practical and integrating specific faith needs within the mainstream infrastructure. Anyone or everyone should be able to use the facility.
It is vital that people from the community get their voice heard otherwise it will be a lost opportunity. The Government is expected to publish a summary of responses after the review and whether any policy changes are needed in light of evidence received. The consultation will last till 26 May 2016 and is available on the Department for Communities and Local Government website:
Review of crematoria provision and facilities: discussion paper
Evidence can be entered on an online survey at
You can also email your responses to When responding, please ensure you have the words “Review of Crematoria Provision and Facilities” in the email subject line.
You can also write to: Crematoria Review, Integration and Faith Division, Department of Communities and Local Government, 2nd floor, SE Quarter, Fry Building, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF.
There will be discussion groups with users and providers during the consultation period. Please contact