Review 2017: Health & Wellbeing to the European Union, Britain has preferred to attract its workforce from the region at the expense of sub-continent talent. And now due to Brexit, things are reversing as Indian doctors and nurses are in demand due to the huge shortages in the NHS. Some of the NHS is committed to recruiting doctors from India.

Around 5,500 nurses from India and Philippines were being recruited to plug the chronic gaps in the NHS. The mass recruitment exercise follows an increase in the number of UK graduates abandoning the profession as well as the drop in the number of nurses coming to work in Britain from the EU. 

Prof Ian Cumming, chief executive of the body, said the plans were “ethically based” as nurses from overseas would receive training in the UK, and given placements on the basis that they would return to their home countries with new skills. Day of Yoga has continued to make an impact worldwide. And in the UK enthusiasts would like to go further by appealing for yoga to be integrated within the NHS. With then NHS strapped for cash, this campaign is likely to be a marathon than a sprint.

Political expert Manoj Ladwa wrote a fascinating piece on the altruistic concept of Sewa in Dharmic tradition and Mitzvah in Jewish tradition. How both these traditions are part of the British calendar getting people to come together in acts of extraordinary kindness and commitment which took them outside of their regular routines.