Driving for Success

Bharulata Kamle is a woman with a drive – literally. She wants to break records by embarking on a 20,000-mile journey in her car, going through 32 countries in 75 days.

It is even more astonishing as she plans to drive without a backup team. The trip will include some tough terrains including 1400-mile drive around the Arctic Circle as well as the Silk Route between China and Middle East. Reported in the India Tribune, If successful, she will be the only woman driver to have covered the maximum distance in the Arctic region alone.

Kamble also aims to break stereotypes and raise awareness about women’s equality while setting a neat world record as well.

"I'm doing this to show that women can do anything that a man can do, and to be the voice of millions of voiceless girls," she told the Luton Times.

The 43-year-old will travel an average of 700km a day during the trip, which will see her end in the Raigadh district of India.

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