Queen's Birthday List Honour for Nitin Palan

The Queen’s Birthday Honours list brought well deserved accolades for people working tirelessly for their communities. Amongst them include the Chairman of Golden Tours Foundation, Nitin Palan who was awarded with an MBE for his work on inter faith relations.

Mr Palan is perhaps most well-known for being the co-founder of Diwali in London. The event which is a showpiece of religious festival is an annual diary event in the heart of London at Trafalgar Square. It not only attracts thousands of Hindus who celebrate Diwali, but attracts people from all nationalities who enjoy experiencing a faith festival with cultural openness.

“It is an incredible privilege for me to have been recognised for this honour,” stated Mr Palan who was delighted with the MBE and saw it as a symbol of hope for bringing about community relations.

“The work in interfaith relations is essential in the current times in order to progress the path to good community relations, peace and harmony,” he added.

Mr Palan is a dedicated follower of BAPS Swaminarayan and works tireless for its inter faith and social action area where thousands of BAPS volunteers worldwide work on a diverse range of project to aid local communities. He said: “It is also a special honour to serve all the communities with many selfless volunteers of BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir as well as the Diwali in London Committee work tirelessly with love and passion.”

“I hope and pray that the message of my Guru HH Pramukh Swami of ‘In the joy of others lies our own’ will continue to inspire me and my colleagues to help continue to serve the communities with more vigour and help view bring communities together.  Above all I hope that it helps in making our Hindu faith and tradition relevant in today's world”.

Bob Blackman MP who has worked closely with Nitin on numerous inter faith related projects sees Nitin as a social innovator and who supports his vision of ‘change begins with one person.’ Nitin is fascinated by changing people’s perception of the Indian diaspora and making the community relevant in today’s British social, economic and cultural life.

Another supporter of Nitin, Bishop Atkinson, Chair of Inter Faith Network of the UK also thanks Nitin for his philanthropic work and the effort he has put in terms of inter faith dialogue and supporting the wider inter faith work through his Foundation.

Nitin Palan is a highly successful businessman who has made good through the world of tourism. It is the success of his company Golden Tours – better known as the Blue Busses of London for any tourist – that has helped to create the bedrock of his philanthropic activities via his charity, the Golden Tours Foundation. It is through the Foundation he has created projects linked to heritage, interfaith and education.

The MBE is a wonderful accolade for Nitin, as he sees it as a further catalyst to continue the important work needed to be done to continue to bring about positive community relations in what is a critical time with so much turmoil going on in the world. Nitin Palan MBE still has a lot of work to do and he has no desire to stop – life goes on.